"To assist in the early development of early childhood education in Jamaica by improving the quality of pre-school education and learning environment"

Founder & Chair - Josephine Williams

Message from Josephine

"The Jamaica Basic School Foundation has achieved many milestones. We continue to fund more basic schools and basic school projects each year and shall endeavour to a get a wider spread of funding across the island.  We visit and monitor our funded projects each year and I am always extremely pleased and humbled to see the success of our initiatives and how much a difference the funds that you so generously donate, make to the lives of so many children".

Specifically the Foundation will be involved in fund-raising activities and will remit the gross majority of its proceeds to Jamaica. All funds raised will therefore benefit the sector of Jamaica’s education system which has the strongest impact on its youth in the most informative years of their preparation for adult life.

Patron - Courtney Walsh OJ

Patron - His Excellency

Seth George Ramocan

Jamaican High Commissioner to UK

Our People

The charity was founded by Josephine Williams-Brown in 1995 and currently operates with five patrons; The Jamaican High Commissioner, Lord Morris of Handsworth, John Barnes MBE, Mr Courtney Walsh OJ and Mrs Delores Cooper OD. The Foundation is managed by an Executive Committee that has been assembled to represent a range of professional skills in the areas of business administration, event management, accountancy, marketing and voluntary work.

Patron -

Lord Morris of Handsworth

Patron - Delores Cooper OD

Communities Initiatives Consultant

Patron -

John Barnes MBE