Our vision is to adopt further Basic Schools with the aim of helping them to meet the standard legislative requirements across the Island. We want you to share in our commitment and encourage you to participate in this worthwhile cause.




Why not put your time to good use as a Volunteer for our organisation. Let us know what your skills are and one of our team will definitely get back to you. Please go to the events page and fill out our volunteer form.











​The Charity are happy to assist in sending over relevant educational materials, equipment that will serve a purpose to Schools in Jamaica. If you wish to donate such materials please contact us.







‘Cherish Your Parish’ ~ HOW IS IT DIFFERENT?

Other than continue to support our events or donate monies directly to the charity, you can now also make a personal impact...


This new innovative idea was launched at our last Charity Fundraising Ball in November 2007 in response to popular demand. The Jamaica Basic Schools Foundation (UK) is pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to 'give back' to your local community in Jamaica. The' Cherish Your Parish' scheme allows you to play a vital role in the development of basic school education in the parish from which you originate or to which you hold allegiance to funds raised from our annual Family Fun Day and Fundraising Charity Ball events are used to finance and assist different basic schools' projects across all 14 parishes of Jamaica. Under the ‘Cherish Your Parish’ scheme you have the added choice to make a difference by Making a personal donation of Fifty Pounds (£50.00)* or more to be applied to the Parish of your choice.


*A donation of £50.00 can help to provide basic teaching materials such as books, pens and pencils, etc.



​It's as simple as: A,B,C...


A. You send us your donation by cheque:
Make it payable to Jamaica Basic Schools Foundation (UK). Please clearly state on the back of the cheque your name, address, email address, contact telephone number and the name of your preferred parish.


B. We acknowledge your donation:
We will send you a personal thank you for your contribution


C. We notify you:
Through regular updates on our website and at our annual fundraising charity events how your donation has contributed to the development and improvement of the schools in your parish in Jamaica.


If you would like to make a positive difference to the lives of children in your 'home' parish then this is the scheme for you! For further information and details on how to make your’ Cherish Your Parish’ donation, please contact JBSF on 020 8406 1914 or write to us at, Croydon CR0 2ES.